Member R-iX opted in Number Connected to routeserver
BlackGATE AS201290
Breedband Delft AS34108
BusinessConnect AS15693
Colocenter AS58291
CS Net AS48886
DNS Belgium AS199670
Google Nederland (GGC) AS36040 AS49544
InterBox Internet AS16298
Intermax cloudsourcing AS24586
IPVisie AS198089
ISC F-root server AS30132
KPN AS1136
KPN International AS286
Luna AS12902
MaxiTEL Telecom AS61349
Open peering AS20562
Opticnetworks (Pty)
PCH AS3856
RTL Nederland Interactief AS20504
SevenP AS35027
TransIP AS20857
Unithost Internet AS201401
WeservIT Internet Solutions AS198203
Woodynet AS42
XS4ALL Internet AS3265


Total traffic on our infrastructure in the R_iX area.

Why R_iX

  • Reach 50% of Dutch households
  • Distributed over 13 datacenters in the Rotterdam – The Hague Region
  • Powered by the NL-ix stable low latency network
  • Cost efficient connections
  • In the middle of Rotterdams Logistics Center
  • The redundancy option for peering in The Netherlands
  • The relaunch of R_iX is part of a larger initiative:
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